Amir Liaquat Hussain back in Geo, courtesy to his female admirer

Islamabad, June 27 ( A common female friend of Mir Ibrahim Rahman (MIR) and Dr Amir Liquat Husain has facilitated the return of the latter to the former’s organization, Geo TV Networks.

Liquat who was booted out by Geo after overtly targeting Ahmedi community rather justifying its members was associated of late with the ARY Network. Despite the Geo’s attempt to show his real face to the people by releasing his ‘controversial video’ in which he used abusive language in off-air talk, Liaquat was determined to get back to Geo Network because of its high rating.

“Liaquat’s one time female admirer these days is very close to MIR. He pleads her to help him get back to Geo. MIR could not turn down the ‘request’ of his female friend and Liaquat is back,” a source privy to the development told PakDestiny.

Some people in the media industry claim that Liquat made his way back to Geo through MQM but it had expelled him from it (MQM) in 2010 for his ‘bad reputation’. “Liaquat’s stay in Geo will be short because it is not easy for MIR and company to take the criticism of the people who dislike Amir Liaquat Hussain for his notorious past,” predicts the source.

MIR justifies inclusion of Liaquat Hussain. Here is his letter.

“With much happiness and delight that we are welcoming back a founding member of TeamGEO. Dr. Aamir Liaquat Husain has resumed his association with GEO Network. A few years ago Dr. Aamir shared his concerns and reservations about continuing his responsibilities. In order to address his concerns, a high profile committee was formed to look into the issues. In an attempt to explore the matter, it was found that Dr. Aamir’s concerns were mostly genuine. Some immediate steps were taken to resolve the
problems on mutual basis which now is resolved. Dr. Aamir has been part of the trade mark of Geo Network. His talent and hard work helped our network to be the most watched and largest TV network of the country and many achievements are associated with him. He was the first news anchor of Geo News, he was the first host of religious program at Geo, he was the one who taught the whole nation to celebrate the Religious events, his 27th Shab Live Dua became the reasons for many to adopt the same. Our program Aalim Online is one of those programs which indeed become a trend setter for other channels and undoubtedly Dr. Aamir as host works tirelessly to bring about the harmony among all sects. Dr. Aamir and the Religious Affairs department started the tradition of celebrating and observing religious events on TV like Ramazan, Rabi-ul-Awwal, Shab-e-Bara’at, Shab-e-Mairaj, Hajj and Muharram-ul-Haram. His Ramazan Geet was one of those things which distinguished him among others also.

Dr. Aamir Liaquat as Vice President of Geo TV Network and part of Network Committee, will be part of important decisions regarding the Network. He will also supervise “Geotainment” department, under which
along with his team he will be looking after various aspects of spreading knowledge and information and producing religious programming along with other Geotainment programs. As Group Executive
Director and Editor Religious Affairs, he will be available to advice on the religious content for the Jang/Geo Group. Dr. Aamir and the experts of the Department will be available to help give input and feedback on religious and social issues, religious guests and experts and also guide on sensitive matters that will help us promote tolerance, interfaith dialogue and harmony as well as better understanding of Islam.

It is hoped that using his knowledge and experience Dr. Aamir will help the group in framing policies and guidelines on religious content and also to compile a religious guide book for use in the group. He
will also monitor that the guidelines and policies so framed are being followed in Jang/Geo group. Having confidence in Dr. Aamir’s capabilities and his dynamic role in the organization, the management would like to extend full support to him in fulfilling his aspirations and in further promoting and
strengthening the reputation of the organization.

Inshallah, Dr. Aamir will help those very roots of the network that he and other founding members had seeded and will help nurture and nourish the Network to face the myriad challenges and opportunities in
front of us. It is indeed a pleasure and honor to have such a founding team member back home!

Geo Phir Say,

Mir Ibrahim Rahman (MIR)

CEO, GEO Network


Amir Liaquat’s Leaked Video



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