Mir Shakilur Rehman of Jang/Geo- Godfather of Pakistani media: Imran Khan – PTI boycotts this media group

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By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan today declared Jang/Geo media group owner Mir Shakilur Rahman (MSR) “Godfather” of Pakistani media and vowed to wage war against this Godfather too.

Khan first in a press conference called MSR “Godfather of media”  and described how it is being played at the hands of the PML-N government in ongoing PANAMA case and running ‘fake’ stories to protect corruption of the Sharifs.

Later he tweeted:  “Godfather of media, MSR, has taken it upon himself, after generous gifts of govt ads, to protect the corruption of Godfather Sharif.”

“It is unethical & immoral for a media house to protect the corrupt, the money launderers, asset concealers & tax evaders. Simply unacceptable,” Khan added.

After his declaring the MSR as Godfather of media the PTI announced boycotting the Jang/Geo/ media group for indefinite period.

MSR always acted a ‘Don’ of the Pakistani media. Earlier in 1990s he had issues with Nawaz Sharif and later his government was toppled. Nawaz got so afraid as when he returned he first took MSR’s Jang/Geo group on board and showered it with government’s ads. But Imran Khan who in 2014 had boycotted this media group again exposed the true face of this media group and vowed to nail it through boycott.

The Supreme Court in Panama Case had declared Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif “Godfather” and also likened his government to a mafia.

Let’s see how MSR takes this and asks his master Nawaz for new direction to deal with Imran. – Pak Destiny


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