Anchor Talat Hussain bombarded on social media for controversial tweet against Imran Khan

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Anchors Talat Hussain was  bombarded by PTI activists on social media for allegedly embroiling Imran Khan with a controversy in a judge.

“Imran by using terms like J Khosa’s ‘request’ to ‘me’ creates a disastrous impression. Even the anchor is shocked,” Talat tweeted.

His tweet was circulated by other Jang group journalists like Rana Jawad and former Geo anchor Kamran Khan who are these days at odds with PIT chairman Imran Khan.

A number of The PTI workers took on Talat and declared him tout of the Sharifs. They said like its media group Talat trying to make Supreme Court judge controversial. So much so Talat could not offer any thing in his defence.

Video : Talat Hussain twisting the statement of Imran Khan

     During a TV programme ON ARY, Imran Khan claimed that a judge had “requested” him [Khan] to cancel the sit-in that PTI was planning to hold on November 2, 2016, “and come to court instead”.

    Imran clarified on Twitter called the allegations a “distortion” of his comments.


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