Another 19 children lost to senseless gun shooting in the US — America not ready to learn a lesson as over 30000 die annually to this menace

Another 19 children lost to senseless gun shooting in the US --- America not ready to learn a lesson as over 30000 die annually to this menace

By Irum Saleem

Outpouring on brutal attack on Taxas school that left 19 children and two teachers killed is coming with authorities not ready to take the blame.

    “This is unbelievably heartbreaking.Never again. It never happens in other rational countries,that aren’t bought off by gun lobbies,where the population is willing to sacrifice some rights for the common good.Hasn’t happened ONCE in Australia since they got rid of assault weapons'” says a tweet.

   On Friday police in Texas have revised key details about Tuesday’s deadly school shooting as criticism mounts from parents over the initial response.

The gunman roamed outside the Uvalde school for 12 minutes before entering unchallenged, police said on Thursday.

   BBC says that contradicted earlier statements which said the attacker had been confronted and shot at by an officer.He killed 19 children and two teachers before he was shot dead 90 minutes after he arrived, police said.

    BBC says that delay, combined with video footage showing frustrated parents being tackled and handcuffed by police while the gunman was still inside the school, has led to growing public anger and scrutiny of the early response.

    Texas Ranger Victor Escalon said that he wanted to “clear up” previous statements. He defended the police response and spoke of the emotional toll the shooting had taken on officers. “We’re all hurting inside,” he said.

   Officials were due to speak again on Friday amid criticism and further questions about why 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was inside the school for more than an hour before he was killed – not by local officers, but by a tactical unit led by US border agents.

    “The tragedy in #Uvalde is heartbreaking and achingly familiar. As a teacher, it hits home. As a parent, it terrifies me. We must do better. Our children need us to do better. We can’t continue like this,” Heather says.

    “Another tragic shooting, another heartbreaking headline, and another moment where lives could have been saved. Enough is enough. We must address the gun violence crisis in America and we must address it now! Our children’s lives depend on it. #EnoughIsEnough,” Jeanee says.

     “Oh my God! Sometimes it’s really hard to believe this is America~we were a proud nation~and have been brought down to this unforgivable thing! The absolute heartbreak of it all! They were just BABIES!”

  Steve says “This is the most horrific, heartbreaking, unimaginable thing I’ve ever watched. At the same time, it should be required viewing for every singe elected official in this country.

This is not about politics. It’s about humanity. This can’t be acceptable, let alone common. My God.”

   0ver 30000 people including children die in gun shooting every year in the US. PAK DESTINY

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