US Congress resolution and crying of PMLN leadership

By Irum Saleem

The U.S. State Department spokesperson Mathew Miller has declined to comment specifically on the resolution while addressing a regular news conference in Washington. 

“Our most senior officials, including Secretary (of State) Antony Blinken and Ambassador Donald Blome (in Islamabad), have consistently, both privately and publicly, urged Pakistan to respect the rights of its people and live with its constitutional and international obligations,” Miller said.

“We continuously urge the government of Pakistan to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedoms of expression, association, peaceful assembly, religion, as well as the rights of marginalized populations such as women and religious minorities,” he added.

There were obvious and apparent developments on the 8th and 9th of February 2024, witnessed by the whole country, that have completely exposed this fraudulent game of turning losers into winners.

PTI had approached the Supreme Court requesting for an early hearing for their constitution petition seeking formation of a judicial commission to probe alleged rigging in the February 2024 general elections.

On May 31, Imran Khan had appeared before the court from Adiala Jail via video link and requested for listing of two Feb 8 elections. PAK DESTINY

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