ARY media group has millions of dollars to buy PSL team but not a penny for BOL TV employees

  • Salman Iqbal made tall claims of owning BOL TV
  • BOL TV employees hardly meeting both ends meet
  • Other media’s callous response to BOL TV employees

By Iram Salim

( ARY Network President and CEO Salman Iqbal has bought the Karachi team in the forthcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) against millions of US dollars but not ready to pay salaries to the BOL TV employees. Will anyone question him why he dumped BOL after making tall claims of owning him in public?.

ARY Media Group did not disclose as how much amount it paid to ‘make PSL deal’ but it is said to be the most expensive one.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) last week sold five franchise rights for the inaugural Pakistan Super League (PSL) for $93 million for a period of 10 years. Five companies bought the Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, and Quetta teams.

Salman Iqbal, CEO of ARY Group, successfully bought the Karachi franchise for an undisclosed amount, while Quetta’s rights were sold to Omar Associates. Qatar Oil snapped up the Lahore franchise, Leonine Global Sports bought the Islamabad team while Javed Afridi, CEO of Haier Group and a long-timer partner of Pakistan cricket, won rights for the Peshawar franchise.

Iqbal showed keen interest in buying the PSL team but why he forgot BOL TV employees with whom he once promised to own.

He reportedly said that his media group had not had enough money to ‘feed BOL’ but now from where the millions of dollars have come to buy the PSL team? Someone in the media must have courage to ask him. Pakdestiny

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