Journalists are skeptical about Malik Riaz’s media venture

By Raza Ruman

( The man who fails to run a newspaper is making tall claims to run a TV news channel.
Yes… it is property tycoon Malik Riaz who’s Bahria Town advertised its plans to run a TV channel. “Bahria Town opens the doors to careers in the media,” said a full-page advert in The Express Tribune that lists positions it is seeking for the television channel.

Malik Riaz had launched Daily Jinnah years ago but failed to make its impact in the local market. He even did not invest much to improve its standard. So much so Jinnah’s employees are under paid. What an irony it is as on the one hand it is earning billions from property and on the other he is not bothered to pay good salaries to his media staff.

His new venture is coming after the demise of BOL Media group… many smell rat.

Journalists are already skeptical about Riaz’smedia venture after seeing the fate of BOL Media group whose owner Shoib Sheikh is in jail in degree fraud case. Let’s see how much serious Mr Riaz is in launching the news channel or it is another way to do media politics.

Bahria Town’s advertisement has asked candidates to apply online at – Pak Destiny

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