As Mir Shakil curses Amer Liaqut for ditching him for Express TV, Lakhani eyeing big business in Ramazan

By Iram Salim
Islamabad, Jun 21 (Pak Destiny) Entertainer Amer Liaquat Hussain has promised to bring Rs30 crore business to Express TV during holy month of Ramzan.

Express media group owner Sultan Lakhani is very excited to have him and eyeing on a huge revenue during Ramazan by fielding number one madari of Ramazan shows.
On the other hand Mir Shakilur Rehman tried his best to stop Liaquat but since Geo is off air the madari needed a platform to run his show. MSR asked him to take more bucks if he is so greedy.
MSR now knows that how much money has power. Even his punters like Liaquat left him in this hour of need.
He should wait a little more as all his other so-called trustworthy anchors would also be quitting. – Pak Destiny

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