Asma Jahangir emerges favourite for interim Prime Minister slot

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Sept 1 ( Human Rights Activist Asma Jahangir has emerged a strong candidate for the slot of interim prime minister.
PPP and PML-N have reportedly reached an understanding to install an interim premier who has no links with the military establishment and the Iftikhar-led judiciary.
Asma is a person both PPP and PML-N believe will never shake hand with the ‘anti-democratic’ forces no matter come what may.
PPP and PML-N are also afraid that if they jointly install an interim premier who joins hands with the establishment he could delay the 2013 elections for two to three years, starting with ruthless accountability of the politicians on its behalf.
Both Zardari and Nawaz don’t want this to happen. As the back channel talks between their men is underway Asma appears to be the most strong candidate for the coveted post.
To the satisfaction of these parties Asma recently made anti-Iftikhar and Kiyani remarks in an interview with BBC She said Iftikhar and Kiyani did not want to say goodbye even after 2013 when their term would be completed.
Asma said the CJ and others seem to be “power hungry” and the clash between the institutions is because of this.
A PMLN senior leader told Pak Destiny that his party could not trust a person having links with the establishment. “Even Iftikhar-led judiciary is not trustworthy. It can turn against us any time,” he said about the general feeling among the party ranks about CJ Iftikhar and company.
“Interim Prime Minister hopeful Asma Jahangir’s remarks against CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry and Gen Kiyani carry a message for PPP and PML-N that she will be the best choice available for the slot,” he said.
Her Interview @ BBC Urdu :
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