‘Heart-broken Marvi will prick Khan’s PTI’

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, March 8 (Pakdestiny.com) Heart-broken Marvi Memon has finally shaken hands with the Sharifs in a bid to avenge Imran Khan for not giving her the ‘importance’ she was longing for.  The ‘friendship’ between Ms Marvi and Mr Khan ended after the latter started ignoring her and refused to promise her a major slot in the PTI. Even Aftab Iqbal, anchor Geo TV, had revealed in his programme that ‘there was something between Khan and Marvi’.   Marvi, a Heaven-send opportunity for PML-N, may prove more lethal against PTI as PML-N was in dire need of someone like her who could target Khan and his party in a blatent manner.

At her first press conference with Nawaz Sharif she targeted Khan and PTI by saying “It took her three years to realize that she would not do politics on the platform of an establishment’s party while there are others who could not realize this for years”. Mr Sharif thanked her at least 15 times during the press conference at his palatial residence in Raiwind for joining his party.

A happy Marvi also revealed that she had various options to do politics on the platforms of PPP, PTI and even PML-Q, but “I preferred PML-N, which has compatibility with my political views.” She also came to know that the PML-N leadership was not “arrogant” as being wrongly portrayed. “The PML-N leadership is civilized, wise and serious,” she is of the opinion, if you agree.

Marvi, who was very active in efforts to improve Gen Musharraf’s image during his regime, is eyeing MNA slot. She will be looking after the social media and youth affairs under her new leadership. “I will do whatever my leadership (Sharifs) say,” Marvi responded to a query of a journalist. PML-Q Kamil Ali Agha says it is good if Marvi has learnt the ‘lesson’ but it will be even better if she teaches the same to his father who remained minister in Musharraf regime.

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