Asma Sherazi yells at PML-N man for being caught ill-prepared over Mina tragedy issue

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pakdestiny) Anchor Asma Sherazi cut a sorry figure badly after Privatisation Commission chairman Muhammad Zubair pinpointed her ignorance over Mina tragedy details.

While holding her program on 92News on Monday she burst into anger and started yelling at Mr Zubair who pinpointed that she even did not know that Religious Affairs Minister M Yousuf press conference over the issue.
Frustrated Sherazi got personal with Zubair and asked him how dare you reveal what I said off the screen.
She was seen burning in anger over his comment.
Asma Sherazi also made silly remarks after caught in embarrassing situation. Poor anchor needs some training to conduct a current affairs show. Pakdestiny

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