Ayyan Ali “Khirki Tor’ entry in Karachi University for women empowerment : Bravo Krachi Uni

Supermodel Ayyan Ali’s landing in the University of Karachi to initiate a departmental undertaking, started rage among individuals on the online networking who reprimanded the varsity for welcoming the “convict in immense government evasion outrage as boss visitor”.

Twitteratis tweeted their perspectives, basically spinning around censure of the KU, and scrutinized the varsity move for welcoming Ms Ali as the visitor of honor.

The supermodel was welcomed by the Department of Public Administration to introduce a joint endeavor of two understudies of the office intended to help debilitated individuals by giving a certain measure of rate from their benefits.

Ayyan Ali Khirki Tor' entry in Karachi University for women empowerment Bravo Krachi Uni (1)

Ayyan Ali, said in her Facebook post, “They welcomed me as the Chief Guest to do the introduction for this astonishing social reason. After my group did some exploration on ChipsNDips we all were really awed with their exercises so far in light of the fact that at this youthful age they are concentrating on, working and assisting poor individuals which is certainly not a simple undertaking to do.”



In a hidden message without saying the government evasion case she was entangled in, Ali encouraged the understudies that “they ought not make their discernment about anything on the premise of gossipy tidbits they ought to ask the genuine certainties and after that make headway with their vision.”


She was likewise granted a ‘Thankfulness Shield’ toward the end of the function.

The supermodel was captured at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport on March 14 on charges of government evasion in the wake of being gotten with over a large portion of a million dollars by traditions authorities.

She was released from the jail after 122 days on bail.




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