Ayyan Ali’s Eid at Edhi Home in Islamabad

Pakistani supermodel Ayyan Ali spent the third day of Eid at Edhi Home in Islamabad, distributing sweets and gifts among the needy children.

Supermodel Ayyan Ali has had her fair share of controversy over the past few months. After spending 120 well-documented days in jail on charges of money laundering and currency smuggling, the Pakistani supermodel was released on bail. Ayyan relished her freedom by spending quality time at Edhi foundation orphanage in Islamabad.

On the third day of Eid, Ayyan Ali also took the liberty to spend some quality time at Edhi Home in Islamabad. The singer cum model distributed gifts and sweets among the children. Ayyan uploaded the pictures on Facebook and tweeted about them to let everyone know:-

In the pictures, Ayyan can be seen smiling and handing out gifts to the needy. The children look overjoyed to see her, and receive her gifts gladly.


As can be seen, Ayyan was wearing an Ajrak and with her hair pinned to the top and sporting sunglasses (as usual), she went about distributing gifts.


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