Ayyan vows to take Lucman to court over pregnancy claim, happy to get freedom

By Iram Salim

“I will take Mubashir Lucman to court for spreading a malicious rumour about me that I am pregnant,” Ayyan Ali said at Aadiala Jail. She expressed her delight over getting bail from Lahore High Court today. “I am very happy to get bail and I am positive that I will be acquitted in the money smuggling case,” she said.

Ayyan Ali (1)

Lucman last month had Tweeted: “News is now confirmed Ayyan Ali is 5 months pregnant I cross checked with my source and its true bad news for her and someone in Dubai.”

Ayyan Ali (3)

As this is a serious matter Lucman should not be got away with it. Either he should now prove it or face music for the lie he spread using twitter, she said.
Lets see if Ayyan keeps her words and goes in the court against Mubashir. Pakdestiny

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