Beheaded MS Dhoni’s picture gone viral and caused strong reaction

DHAKA: Bangladeshi fans before the World Cup finals began mocking the Indian side. This time they crossed all limits by showing  Dhoni’s severed head in Bengladeshi fast bowler Taskin Ahmed’s hand. That image caused stir in Indian media and Indian fans reacted very strongly on this silly act.

Image of Taskin Ahmed holding MS Dhoni’s severed head goes viral

Indian Fans upset after image of Taskin holding Dhoni’s head goes viral

indian cricket team half shaved bald heads

This was the second time when Bangladeshis tried to ridicule Indian Cricket team. Before this a  newspaper showed half head shaved Indian team and Mustafiz ur reham holding the cutter in his hand.  All these silly images only shows frustration and immature Bengali attitude. Because they still are ‘Paper Tigers’. When asked about this issue Indian team manager Ravi Shastri said he did not have time to read the newspaper, our entire focus is on cricket.

Shastri Reacts On Image of Taskin Ahmed carrying Dhoni’s severed head

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