Bhutto had said ‘if I am assassinated’ now Imran Khan saying ‘a conspiracy afoot to kill him’ — where is Pakistan heading?

Bhutto had said 'if I am assassinated' now Imran Khan saying 'a conspiracy afoot to kill him' -- where is Pakistan heading?

By Irum Saleem

    After Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, ousted prime minister Imran Khan today also spoke about his possible assassination.

    Bhutto has written a book before his assassination “If I am killed”. Now Khan saying his life was in danger as he might be killed.

    “I have recorded a video in which I have taken the names of all those who conspired against me since last summer,”

    In Sialkot rally Khan said: “There is a conspiracy hatched against me in closed rooms in and outside the country, and they want that Imran Khan’s life is lost I knew of this conspiracy … so I have recorded a video and kept it in a secure place. If something happens to me then this video will be [made public] in front of nation. In it, whoever has conspired against me, whoever is complicit since last summer, I’ve named everyone.They think Imran Khan can be an obstacle in our path and needs to be removed. And that’s why I’ve recorded this video because I think this is jihad and not politics. If something happens to me then I want all my Pakistanis to know who was complicit in this conspiracy.”

    Khan further said:

“I’ve named everyone who planned and [revealed] how, through a foreign conspiracy, this corrupt lot, together with them, and others who were with them, ended my government. I recorded the video because it’s [part of the] history how the powerful are never brought under law and always remain safe. Those who betrayed this country, I want their faces to come in the open.”

   Khan has already equated himself with Bhutto. He said the way a conspiracy was hatched by the US against Bhutto a similar was made against him.

    Khan said he would not sit and ready to sacrifice his life.

     The Sharif brothers are disturbed over the rising popularity of Khan. That’s why the PMLN led government is delaying the election. PAK DESTINY

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