Billionaire Faisal Vawda — a charming darling of Imran Khan and Establishment


By Irum Saleem

Billionaire Faisal Vawda — a filthy rich darling of both Imran Khan and the establishment.

The whole PTI party of Sindh cried a foul play to give federal minister Vawda the Senate ticket but Imran Khan gave a damn to them and stick to his and establishment’s decision to take their favourite to the Senate.

It is open secret now that Vawda may be disqualified by ECP for keeping dual nationality at the time he became MNA. Now to adjust him Khan shits his own principles and awarded him the Senate ticket.

Why this Vawda is a darling of Khan and Establishment — answer is very simple. He is a filthy billionaire financer of the PTI and the elements in the establishment. Money matters and here we have seen how much this matters.

Khan should better stop lecturing on the welfare of the poor as he always proved that he is a bloody filthy rich protecting the filthy rich. He should be ashamed of talking of the poor like his predecessors Nawaz and Zardari. In such cases he is worst than them.

Shame on Vawda too for buying everything through his bloody money. PAK DESTINY

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