BOL not to get license in PML-N government – Mubashir Lucman to be made BOL president

By Raza Ruman

( While the PML-N government is in power BOL hardly has any chance to get license to operate in Pakistan.
BOL and Axact chief executive Shoaib Sheikh is likely to make anchor Mubasher Lucman the president of BOL Media Group. Sheikh has asked him to Lucman to bring all those interested to return to BOL.

Lucman recently held a meeting with 70 employees of BOL and assured them that the channel would be back soon. But perhaps he does not know that the PML-N government is hand in glove with the Jang and Geo group and would not issue the license it is desperately looking for.

Lucman said efforts are being made to get things in order as soon as possible. He said Shoaib Shaikh is committed to giving the 15-month salary to those satffers who remained with through thick and thin.
Although he himself joined Channel 24 but he clarified that its owner Mohsin Naqvi helped the BOL employees in critical times and hired as many as he could.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority suspended licenses of BOL News and BOL Entertainment in September 2015 following Sheikh and others were arrested in fake degree case. Sheikh and others are on bail these days. — Pak Destiny


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