ARY facing pressure to sack Mubashir Lucman on MQM-saga

Islamabad, Jan 8 (Pak Destiny) A RY is facing the wrath of MQM after its anchor – Mubashir Lucman – surprisingly targeted its leadership in his talk show over division of Sindh. Its channel remained shut in some parts of Sindh following the programme.
Mubashir surprised many for doing an anti-MQM programme despite the fact he is being an anchor single-handedly fighting against Geo group.
Now inviting the wrath of MQM, Mubashir may not be able to go on target Geo group with the force he was earlier applying to.
Interestingly, Mubashir earlier had ‘strong’ relations with the MQM. Even he expressed his thanks to MQM chief Altaf Hussain for giving him ‘expensive’ gifts in a live show. Mubashir earlier had targeted former army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.
Let see how the ARY overcomes the MQM pressure not to sack Mubashir. Pak Destiny


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