CJ Iftikhar and PM Gilani may be sent home after corruption of their sons

By Sania Sharif

Islamabad (http://www.pakdestiny.com) As the alleged financial corruption of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s son surfaced there are reports that both Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and the CJ may be sent packing on “moral grounds”, highly reliable sources in the establishment told pakdestiny.
Dr Arsalan Iftikhar has allegedly taken up to Rs500 million from property tycoon Malik Riaz and a couple of other persons to influence his father (Iftikhar Chaudhry) to get favourable decisions in their cases pending in his court. Besides expenses of Arsalan’s foreign visits were also borne by Malik Riaz.
The over-confident looking Arsalan appeared in the court of his baap (father) on Wednesday in a casual way chewing a gum giving a damn to media saying “I am innocent and welcome the verdict if comes against me”. “Main ne kuch galt nahi kia (I did not do any thing wrong).” Perhaps he can proof his innocent in the court of his father.
Arsalan had got away with his crimes in 2005 when despite having poor academic record got posting in the health department Balochistan as a section officer by misusing the influence of his father, a PCO CJP of Gen Musharraf regime. Arsalan did not stop there as he managed to get transferred to FIA on deputation and later merged his services in the charming police department. In police service he enjoyed extra-ordinary perks and protocol not less that that of an interior minister, courtesy to his father.
The Pakistan People’s Party says Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is indirectly involved in the wrong doings of his son as he was in total picture of his corruption.
On the other hand, the judiciary has yet to establish PM Gilani’s son Ali Mosa’s corruption in Ephedrine case.
Sources said the establishment has the proof of the corruption of both Arsalan and Moosa and they are offering both fathers ‘honourable’ exit. “The fathers are seriously pondering over the offer.”
The PPP has already demanded the CJP’s resignation on moral grounds. “It is a reversal of fortunes the CJP used to target the sons and other family members of the politicians to gain political mileage now his criminal son has put him in embarrassing situation. Let’s see how he saves his spoiled  son,” a PPP leader said. (http://www.pakdestiny.com)

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