Rs 3 billion new plane for CM Shahbaz raising many eye-brows

By Raza Ruman
(Pakdestiny.com) Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is being chided on social media for buying a new 12-seater plane for himself at the cost of Rs3 billion.

Dawn reported that 12-seater jet of a specific foreign company is being purchased from a foreign company at $30 million (approximately Rs3 billion).
Reacting on Shahbaz government’s lavish spending criticism pouring in on social media. “Why can’t the CM of Punjab fly on PIA? Perhaps he realizes that the PML-N government has destroyed PIA and the aircraft are not safe. With Rs3 billion how many schools can be built in Pinjab? But then again that would mean educating common man which the government don’t want to do because these politicians know if people get education they will see through the lies that are being told every day to deceive common man. Is there anyone in Pakistan who can get the priorities straight. God is the only reason Pakistan is still in existence . The ruling class has made sure the country is left with nothing by taking everything for personal benefit and corruption,” commented a doctor on social media.
A banker said: “Why the need for a expensive transport I am sure a helicopter would be a cheaper option. The Sharifs should be thinking of saving money. So many things could be done with $20 million. School water filter plant, etc. A school, a hospital, a blood clinic, a kidney dialysis machine center,( new $10,000; used $5,000 approx, per machine); in short $ 2 billion plus the annual running and maintenance cost of a private jet, could very easily support all three of the above options. The poor and needy need this. Punjab’s CM could simply travel less.”
There is another response — look how much the poor CM is trying to save for us. These 2 genius brother never miss a chance to impress me.
“In no Western, advanced and civilized country this happens. Even the prime ministers of other countries travel in ordinary airlines to save the tax payers money. CM Shahbaz always creates drama by showing himself an ordinary man which is fake. How dare he thinks to use public money for his luxury travels? He can buy plane with his own money and travel with own fuel. Donald Trump is far better than him because he uses his personal plane and personal fuel. I wish he becomes the president of US. He is far better than lower level leaders we have. Shame on these people.” Pak Destiny

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