CNBC also indulges in ‘moral policing’ for rating

Islamabad, Aug 4 (www.pak destiny) Now this time it is CNBC. After Sama and Express TV, CNBC has stared ‘moral policing’ for improve its rating.
CNBC’s programme “Undercover” earned a lot of bad name for its moral policing.
Dr Hina Zafar writes: ” Pakistani media is already leaving negative impact on our society by being influenced from neighbor countries and foreigners.”
I could made a story here … or create a plot before hitting the issue but I am really not into this mood at the moment, so directly coming to my point …..
I would like to ask few questions from the team of “Undercover” a reality show or what no idea ….
1- who is the anchor ? Is she Muslim ?
2- What is the definition of Muslim ?
3- Who allow Undercover team to enter places ?
4- Why undercover team is not going to Hotels (high class hotels) where again immoral acts are being performed ?
5- If a lady was covering her face, why anchor use her mike and remove her cover and let the camera to show her face ?
6- DIRECT QUESTION TO ANCHOR ” ARE YOU SURE JISM FAROSHI happens just in low areas ??? what about MEDIA, where girls are choosed after long long auditions, (kia woh jism faroshi nahi kerti, tv per aney ke liye, producer/director ko khush kerney ke liye ??? … I HOPE YOU ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN !!!
Its bad the way this show is highlighting issues. every Pakistani is familiar with the coruption going on now a days ….rather than that if you would have done a show where you collecetd funds and invited poor (majboor) ladies to your show and tell their stories in code and hidden words to society and how your TV channel help them, then it would be really great … if it had been so …. you could have arranged their marriages or get them some job and then highlight your news channel / tv show that see Pakistani CNBC is performing such a noble act, etc etc ….
But no dear,
you people again took the wrong step and follow NGO AUNTIES PATH, where they choose to highlight stories of poor girl who got raped, and invite the poor silly girls to their meeting to show/present them to foreigner donors to get funding … very bad ….
Please show some respect towards poor and if you guys are really dying for TV SHOW RATTING … then do tell us, we Pakistani society ll launch campaigns for your guys on voluntarily , I am dam serious …
Dr Hina further says “But please its a HUMBLE REQUEST stop playing with people mind as nation is dumb and stop humiliating poors …. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT !
If your UNDERCOVER team can’t sit peacefully then do arrange a same show where your anchor again high light such immoral acts but this time she focus ELITE CLASS AND MEDIA itself and ask females how they become anchors and tv actress and what is their MAJBOORI and if they are muslims too ??? etc
I hope this time your UNDERCOVER show anchor ll be in no need to use her mic to uncover ladies face …. as media ladies are bold enough to show their faces ….!

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DATE: 2nd August , 2013


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