After Sama TV, now Express TV on the footsteps of Jamia Hafsa

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Feb 6 (www.pakdestiny.com) Following in the footsteps of Jamia Hafsa, Express TV raided a Chinese Massage center in Defence Lahore to expose “prostitution”.

The media’s ‘gairat brigade’ this time led by Dr Maria Zulifqar, a host of Bat Sey Bat program of Express TV. Earlier, it was Maya Khan of Sama Tv who was on a mission to reform society by capturing young couple in parks.

What this ‘gairat brigade’ wantys to prove by raiding massage centers and showing keen interest to expose ‘prostitution’ in society in fact reflects the frustration of our ‘gairatmand anchors, male of female’.

Take example of Mubashir Lucman, when he used to do program on Business Plus TV he tried to ‘strip off’ his female guests like Insibat through his vulgar talk. “Do you feel tension in your trouser” was his question while doing an interview of singer Anni. Our such (Ba)gariat hosts should better focus on the reasons why the poor women of this society opting for prostitution. – Pakdestiny.com

Baat Say Baat – 1st February 2013

Dr. Maria Zulfiqar Khan

Topic: Pakistan Main Khulay Fahashi Kay Aday.


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