Cold war between Mariam and Hamza

By Iram Salim
Islamabad, Dec 19 ( Cold War between Mariam Nawaz and Hamza Shahbaz is going on as both want to be the ultimate choice of their family to continue the legacy of the Sharifs.

The PML-N sources say that Mraiam name has been finalized for National Assembly seat while Hamza may be fielded for provincial assembly. Both have been creating their own lobbies in the party.
“Practically both are not on talking terms. Hamza is reportedly not happy the way Marium is being portrayed in the media by his party members. He thinks he should have been given the first priority to succeed the Sharifs,” the sources say.
But after Aysha Ahad episode, the Sharif family was reportedly compelled to field Mariam, a possible successor to Nawaz Sharif, to take the place of Hamza. However, after the 2013 polls the gulf between the two young scions of the Sharifs is likely to be further widened. (

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