Mughal princess Rabia – daughter of Shahbaz Sharif – follows in the footsteps of her brother, Hamza, in torturing their ‘subjects’ for ‘non-compliance’

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Oct 15 ( The Mughal style of governance of the Sharif family continues in Punjab as now after its Mughal prince Hamza its Mughal princess – Rabia Imran – got severely beaten a bakery shop employee on a petty issue.

According to a CCTV of bakery in Cantonement area, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter Rabia enters the shop and argues the counter boy.
Like her father she points her ‘finger’ at the boy in a threatening way. She leaves the bakery and then the ‘strongmen’ of the Elite Force enter there on her call and take the boy out of the bakery and showing their ‘manliness’ by beating him severely.
They later took the boy with them and threw him on the road out of the premises of the Cantt. Rabia’s husband Imran Yousuf has allegedly made an illegal plaza on the MM Alam Road besides he is also involved in torturing Aysha Ahad Malik, the third wife of Hamza.
Ayesha nominated Imran in the FIR for torturing her but no action has been taken against him as yet.
It appears that Mughal family in mood to spare ‘women or young children’ if they dare to speak against them or refuse to submit to them, isn’t it a big shame for our ‘Kahdim-i-Ala’.
Shahbaz Sharif has order registeration of a case against the Elite Force jawans but not against his daughter. (


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