Corona Debacle and the the world scenario

Corona Debacle and the the world scenario

By Prof A Majeed Chaudhry

This is global calamity. One wonders , is it a human punishment of our personal, National or international sins,atrocities and war mongering attitude worldwide?

Should human beings on this planet ponder over and mend the ways. Trillions of dollars spent on arms could provide food and shelter to the needy many times more than their requirements. One of the fact that Iranians can’t cope with this corona menace is the sanctions imposed by the world powers. Why can’t so-called Gods of this planet, I mean big powers think about bringing an end to the wars. Solve all the disputes;be it Middle East war,Afghan war Kashmir dispute or any other international dispute.

This world should be heavens rather than hell. Let this international scenario help bring in peace love and harmony.

This a global calamity. Unfortunately everyone in this country has become an expert in corona. Tv anchors,politicians,pseudo experts and the lot. I have seen very few medical experts giving their view and advice in the electronic media. People make categorical statements without any knowledge. Politicians are busy in pout scoring against the govt. pl remember the disease has crossed the border and there are no indigenous cases of animal to human transfer. We are portraying ourselves as a disjointed nation. Of course we should be ready for the eventualities. Creating a fuss on electronic media will only create panic situation rather than any solution. The administration and the govt must rely on the advice by the experts. This a calamity in whole of the world. Let’s stop fighting and spitting venom on the media. It’s a national problem and whole nation join hands to best under the circumstances and available resources. Talk shows are absolutely sickening. Let’s hope the sanity prevail. People should come up with suggestions rather than criticising anything and everything.

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Professor Dr. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry

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