Justice system dies

Justice system dies pakistan

By Prof A Majeed Chaudhry

All big cities have arm chair writers as they call it.

Started in Lahore Karachi and now it’s rampant everywhere. Royal colleges have been there since 1505 and never felt the need. It’s a good idea though.

I will blame the supervisors too for this debacle. I wish we could organize couple of days symposium to thrash out the issues.

Unfortunately here is so much of politics that thing are misconstrued effortlessly

The justice system of Pakistan died when its most enshrined premises were attacked and ransacked by political hooligans and the custodians stood divided among themselves, the divisions having been caused by unabashed and shameful lure of money.

The justice system died when a judge hearing a politician’s case was murdered along with his son.

The justice system died when it included judges like Malik Qayyum and it died when politicians like ours began to feel their influence over the judges.

The justice system died when successive honourable Chief Justices became involved in running the affairs of the state. The justice system died when judges started talking through their tongues and not through their judgements.

The justice system died when a Chief Justice avoided probe by the SJC with the help of members of the bar. The justice system died when judges took suo motto notices for personal reasons and not for the reasons enshrined in the constitution.

The justice system died when lawyers attacked the judges in the court rooms and eventually in their chambers. The justice system died when lawyers attacked a hospital and killed the patients there just to get even with some doctors.

The justice system died when ordinary citizens were murdered and injured in broad daylight by the very protectors of the people (the police) and the perpetrators have since ascended in their ranks and positions. The justice system died when an honourable Chief Justice became a mediator in a family dispute of a political bigwig thereby averting the latter’s permanent disqualification from politics.

The justice system died when a court freed a manslaughter accused due to lack of evidence despite clear footage of him over running an on-duty policeman. The justice system (election commission has the equivalence of high court) died when the same system annulled an election because there was video footage of hooliganism on the election day.

The justice system died when a convict was set free because of ill health and for treatment on personal guarantee, the convict has not returned and the guarantor roams free.

The justice system died when it reached the homes of the wealthy, powerful and influential accused even at odd hours to provide unwarranted yet desired (by the accused) relief. The justice system died when it became enslaved by its own greed for money in all its shapes and forms.

The justice system died many a time in showing undue and unwarranted compassion towards the crimes and misdoings of the strong and influential, while at the same time neglecting the cries of injustice from the poor and downtrodden.

The guy named Mr. Justice Pakistan died in the service of the strong, moneyed and influential, and not in the service of the oppressed millions of the country and that is a ‘haram mout’ (infamous death). The justice system died of internal hemorrhaging and not due to injury from outside.

The justice system died of septicemia and not of infection of any bodily wounds. The justice system died of cancer of internal organs and not of bodily amputations. The justice system has been dead for a long time, only the stench of the decomposing body has hit our nostrils now.

It’s amazing how long it takes one to learn about the real requirements of life. In younger age one is distracted by worldly things;only natural. But does it matter how expensive car you drive,how expensive suit or watch you wear and luxurious is your your house. Very rarely people notice these things. With the passing years honestly the requirements go down drastically. Half a chapaati,few medicines,few clothes and minimal requirements for descent living.

Understanding of these realities can save us from many irrelevant requirements of life and one can easily walk of the lane of unrealistic competitiveness. At time rat race can be a partner of greed,dishonesty and many more ills. One of our senior and a friend prof Iftikhar Ali Raja used to say we in this country want to assure a future for our 7th next generation. Have a good day all my friends,just wanted to share some thoughts with you. – Pak Destiny

Professor Dr. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry

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