Picture Leaked : Hussain Nawaz leaked photo during JIT investigation gone viral on social media

The picture of Hussain Nawaz during JIT investigation on 28 May leaked on social media and went viral immediately. Picture was taken from CCTV placed insided investigation room. Everyone is wondering how this highly secret footage got leaked.

Someone trying to proved that PMLN has leaked to defame JIT’s reputaion and others see it as JIT’s bisedness against PMLN and PM Nawaz Sharif. Who is right and who is wrong only Allah knows better.

Few Tweets in favour and against photo leak are :

Shama Junejo on twitter said “How on the earth PTI gets confidential photos. I m not PMLN sympathiser but #HussainNawaz is 100% right abt the prejudice of this #PanamaJIT”

Nabeel Chaudhry on twitter “First Nehal and now Photo Leakage its Scilian Mafia way of directly threatning JIT dat “beware u r being monitered”❌ #HussainNawaz”

Abdul Majid said “#Mard_e_hur beard worst #Torture but never cried, #HussainNawaz & #NakaamLeague crying on 2 hours interrogation #JiyeZardari #RunSherrRun”

Khapal Team said “In case you may thinking how Hussain Nawaz appear to JIT. This is how this Billionare look like.”

Another PTI supporter has this view :
hussain nawaz leaked picture

How this picture is leaked “فیصلہ آپکا”


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