Everyone knew Vawda was lying but PM Khan allowed him live with his lies — a classic example of hypocrisy

Everyone knew faisal Vawda was lying but PM Khan allowed him live with his lies -- a classic example of hypocrisy

By Irum Saleem

For more than three years almost every one knew that Faisal Vawda was lying till the final verdict came from the ECP.

    PTI Senator Vawda who stands disqualified after the ECP decision has not exposed one senior PTI leader but his patrons as well.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan must have know this that Vawda is a certified lair but he acted as his facilitator allowing him to leave National Assembly seat and become Senator. What a shame…Isnot it …on the one hand he never stops giving sermons on honesty and on the other he protects the lairs.

   For Vawada the chances of getting caught are ever-present. Vawda resigned from his National Assembly seat early last year when it became clear to him and his party that the Islamabad High Court would disqualify him for submitting a false affidavit to the election authorities regarding his American citizenship. He thought that he could avoid disqualification by quitting the National Assembly and shifting to the Senate but that never happened and in the end nd he bit the dust. Some top anchors like Kashif Abbasi should also be ashamed of always chershing their friendship with a lair and giving him their platform to lie.

    Even Dawn has shown PM Khan mirror saying “that his party and the prime minister, who had hailed the Supreme Court decision leading to the exit of PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif under the same clause, helped the PTI loyalist avoid punishment by electing him to the Upper House is deplorable. Clearly, they had not thought that their actions could harm their public image when the opposition parties started flexing their muscles against the government.”

 Its time for PTI and Imran Khan to reflect and make a difference between a lie and a U turn. PAK DESTINY

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