Finally Musharraf flies out of Pakistan…win win situation for Nawaz Sharif too

By Raza Ruman

(Pakdestiny) Former President Gen Pervez Musharraf today finally left for Dubai with the consent of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Sharif could not say no to the establishment to ‘detain’ Musharraf in Pakistan any more in treason case. It is seen as a win win situation for both Nawaz and the establishment. Nawaz is happy to rid of a ‘big liability’ while the establishment is done with a huge assignment to dispatch Musharraf safely abroad.

Gen Pervez Musharraf with PM Nawaz Sharif in Siachen
PPP will continue protesting the departure of Musharraf. And media will be barking as usual. It the PML-N which gets the benefit of Musharraf departure. Isn’t it? — Pakdestiny

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