Attaul Haq Qasmi – oldest head of PTV as PML-N government creates history

By Iram Salim

  • Oldest man to run the state TV
  • Where is merit
  • What will be come of Muhammad Malik

(Pakdestiny) ‘PML-N’ Columnist Atta-ul Haq Qasmi – 72- has become ‘oldest’ chief of the PTV (Pakistan Television Corporation).

Qasmi is the chairman of PTV Board of Directors and he has assumed the charge. Muhamamd Malik is still MD of PTV and he gave him a briefing about the working of the corporation. It will be interesting to see whether Malik continues to work under a columnist or refuses to be his ‘niku’.

Now the PTV has come under a complete rule of PML-N guys or some even call them PML-N touts. Qasim has become the oldest person heading the state TV which is quite unfortunate.

“Is it a merit to appoint 72 year old man on the top position of the PTV. How will he un the state TV in this fragile age,” he said.


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