Geo media group falls prey to its own trap, Imad Khalid’s taps out

By Iram Salim
Islamabad, Nov 21 (Pak Destiny) Geo media group seems to fall prey to its own trap as Imad Khalid who targeted analyst Zayed Hamid and TV anchor Mubashir Lucman in a press conference was later exposed taking instructions from the group.
Lucman ran the tapes containing conversation between Geo guys and Khalid. Mir Ibrahim and Rana Jawad names were mentioned in them too.
Earlier, Khalid accused Hamid of taking money from ISI and making plots to kill the army chief and some other personalities including Najam Sethi. Sounds funny, Isn’t it?
He also tried to drag Lucman in blasphemy saga. Only Geo News covered Khalid press conference extensively.
Later in the evening Lucman ran the taps terming Khalid a punter of Geo.
The Jang group seems to be knocked out by Lucman who causing a lot of ignominy on it single handedly.
Poor Hamid Mir who after failing to take on Zayed Hamid begging the courts to take action against him. Geo too literally pleading the superior courts to take notice of the allegation levelled by Khalid – a double agent. How pathetic it is.
Geo must remember after arrival of BOL Media Group it can no longer dictate terms as other small channels got its backing and not afraid of taking it on.
So show is on and the audience should enjoy. – Pak Destiny

Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman – 20th November 2013

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