Geo overjoyed on Kamran Khan’s return from BOL

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, July 8 (www.pakdestiny.com) Geo group is overjoyed on the return of anchor Kamrn Khan who was reportedly in negotiation with the BOL Media Network.
Since Kamran was off screen for several weeks rumours were rife that he has joined the BOL.
Sources said Kamran returned after getting a huge raise in his salary from Mir Shakilur Rehman.
“Welcome Kamran Khan banners” in Jang and the News are evident of Geo group’s ‘over-joy’ showing that he was not on “vacation”.
There are many Geo group employees are in negotiation with the BOL group and it is very much likely that they remain with it (Geo) after a raise in their salaries.
Geo group employees are thankful to BOL. – Pak Destiny


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