Gourmet group buys Silk Bank

By Iram Salim

Islamabad (Pakdestiny.com) Pakistan’s one of top bakers and confectioners – Gourmet – has bought the Silk Bank.
The Gourmet which has also launched its restaurants and furniture outlets has made its entry into banking like that of Malik Riaz, owner of Bahria Town, who recently has bough Burj Bank, primarily to manage the finance of their businesses.
Gourmet group that is known for its ‘good food’ and also an ‘exploiter of its employees’ does not give a day off in a week to its employees and also give them ‘minimum wage’.
Besides there reports of tax evasion on its part and the FBR seems to be playing soft. The government needs to look into its affairs and at least protect the rights of its workers. Pak Destiny


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