Secret is out… its Hamid Mir who tried to save the skin of GNN’s other business by approaching CJP

By Kiran Bokhari

The secret is out. It is none else but top anchor Hamid Mir who reportedly contacted Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar requesting him to provide relief to Gourmet Bakers of Chatha brothers.

The CJP during hearing had snubbed two senior journalists of GNN Khalid Qayyum and Imran Yaqub for approaching him through a safarshi (Hamid Mir).

The Gourmet Bakers ince cream units are banned by the Punjab Food Authority for being sub standard and it’s other bakery items are also being tested to be declared fit for consumption.

Hamid Mir had worked on a huge salary package in GNN for a few months before returning to Geo News.

The CJP has done a commendable job by snubbing such journalist who think he can use his relations with him.

Hamid Mir should better avoid such safarshi culture to benefit media houses owners. Pak Destiny

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