Governor Sarwar’s “chilling out picture” goes viral telling story of his “no work” story

  • Sarwar trolled by like of PML-N journalist Absar Alam
Governor Sarwar's "chilling out picture" goes viral telling story of his "no work" story

By Raza Ruman

See this picture of Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar and a comment made by PMLN journalist Ansar Alam.

The picture tells how painfully Sarwar is concerned in providing clean water to the people of Punjab as he has been talking of this since he was the governor in the PMLN government.

Sarwar is not in the band wagon of PTI spokespersons whose only job is to take on the opposition.

On the other hand Ansar Alam who is jobless these days because of his love for the Sharifs and PMLN. Embittered by losing PEMRA top slot he spares no moment taking on PTI guys. He taunted Sarwar with a bitter comment:

‏“ریاستِ مدینہ”کے سادہ طبیعت صوبیدار پروفیسر سرور انگلینڈوی کا گورنر ہاؤس یونیورسٹی لاہور کے شعبہ “رحونیت” کی کلاس میں فلسفہ سکون القبر پر لیکچر کے دوران ایک عوامی انداز “

Governor Sarwar who is also the chancellor of the universities has done nothing for them. He is good at taking meeting of the VCs but practically what he does is r reflective of his this picture. PAK DESTINY


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