Pak Media in Quest of ‘clean chit’ from Supreme Court

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad July 21 ( Is Hamid Mir and Absar Alam’s petition in the Supreme Court seeking constitution of a National Media Commission to probe into ill-gotten money of known journalists and media houses owners an attempt to fool the people that they are ‘innocent’ and the rest are corrupt or they did so on the request of someone in the judiciary. Only time will tell.

Interestingly, the petition is focused on property tycoon Malik Riaz’s dolling out money to anchors and journalists. And also a reference is given about his planted interview with Mubashir Lucman and Mehr Bokhari.
There are few questions one raises while going through the petition. First, why not both top anchors talked about probe into the money the main political parties like PPP and PMLN had been giving to certain anchors and journalists for a long time.
Second, will Mr Mir tell till his shaking hand with President Zardari he had been carrying out the agenda of his owner Mir Shakilur Rehman. So what about those who help achieve the vested interest of their media house owners.
Third, as why the judges of Supreme Court need to tell the people that top anchors and journalists are running into millions as the people are already well aware of their ill-gotten money.
By the way, farm houses or villas in posh localities owned by either Aftab Iqbal, Mubashir Lucman or Hamid Mir can not be purchased by ‘savings from mere salaries’.
So please stop fooling the people any more, a humble suggestion.
According to Javed Mahmood, editor of a magazine, a majority of the media owners and several senior journalists/anchors will go behind the bars in case a fair process of accountability in the country is initiated.
“Yes, media accountability is also important when a journalist or any one linked to media uses his position to make money by falsifing the truth, thus hurting the whole society, or mislead the public to gain importance, is not fair, and these people should be accountable and should be put before the court for defamation or misusing the position to gain profit.
“We have to understand that if we want our society to stay in line, then we must follow the rule of law. We must bring these people before the court of law, sue them ,and force them to obey the regulation,” said Raja Habib Jalib, Secretary General Kashmir Press Service.
Faridullah Khan of AUSAF said international media had exposed many so called Journalist-cum-anchor. “They are busy in making money causing defamation to the entire community. These double faces so- called anchors are playing with the sentiment of general public for the sack of rating but now not only the people but community also hat the black sheep.” — Pak Destiny

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