Imran Khan makes fun of himself by passing ‘illogical comment’

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad, Dec 23 ( PTI chief Imran Khan has made fun of himself by declaring that Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood is made Punjab Governor to counter his party leader Jehangir Tareen.
“Mahmood has been made governor to counter Jehangir Tareen,” Imran said while talking to media today at Karachi.
How Mahmood is going to counter Tareen? Is Tareen a chief minister of PML-N in Punjab, will Khan tell the logic behind his theory. Tareen does not have a constituency as he earlier got elected with the support of Mahmood from Rahim Yar Khan.
It is said think before you speak and in the case of Mr Khan he will have to think many times before he says something which makes fun of himself at the end of the day. (Pakdestiny)


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