Kamran Shahid joins hands with PMLN to malign Imran Khan and his PTI

Lahore, New Desk (www.pakdestiny.com) Anchor Kamran Shahid has joined hands with the PML-N to target PTI especially Imran Khan before the next general election.
A Musharraf’s ‘promoter’ Kamran did a series of anti-PTI programmes during the last few months the latest he did last week on Dunya TV was an evident of this ‘perception’.
He not only made the point through ‘planted’ programme that “Imran is a liar and snob” but also declared that Khan’s party would be in tatters before the election”. In the programme the participants established that ‘Imran used to bring Holy Quran to settle matters with new comers to his party’.
As Chaudhry Nisar is worried that PPP is ‘buying some anchors and columnists’ the PML-N is also not lagging behind in wooing Kamran like stuff.
Let’s see at the end of the day the PPP and PMLN could manage to get the ‘services’ of how many known anchors and journalists. (Pakdestiny)

On The Front – 16 September 2012- Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri PML-N, Inamullah Khan Niazi PTI, Muhammad Khan Hoti ANP with Kamran Shahid.


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