imran upset over poor media coverage to his shows

By Sadia Shah

Lahore ( March 27: PTI leadership has lodged a strong protest with the owners of mainstream private news channels for a virtual ‘black out’ of  the coverage of its recent rallies in Muzafarghar, Sialkot and Mianwali.

The Punjab government in a bid to stop Imran Khan’s PTI from getting more popularity has recently pumped in millions in the electronic media in the form of ads.

Be it advertisements for laptop campaign or Ashiyana housing scheme of PML-N there is only one condition “no detailed live coverage to PTI”.

Not only is the Punjab government on forefront in this effort the federal government is also playing its part. Both PML-N and PPP are on the same page to check PTI popularity.

Imran Khan also seems to be upset with his Shafqat Mahmood-led media team for not doing enough to get his shows proper coverage.

“Media houses are not the source of information anymore as they are becoming the source of earning income these days”, an angry PTI leader says.

“Our news channels are getting more popular than entertainment channels because they are showing the face of corrupt leaders. But if they will also become a part of this corruption who will give the justice to our nation.”


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