Imran’s down fall has begun after marrying Reham

By Kiran Bohari

Islamabad ( After Judicial Commission’s Report into 2013 general elections, PTI Chairman Imran khan is feeling devastated and depressed.

Reham Khan turns out to be a ‘bad omen’ for Khan whose down fall has started since he married to the BBC weather girl in last January.
The 62-year-old man has found no solace since he contracted the second marriage. Reports say Reham’s entrance in his life causes exit of his two sons and sisters (from his life).
After the judicial commission’s report the PTI workers have no idea where will their leader go from this point.
There is ignominy and ignominy left for Khan. It will be difficult for him to find any more faults in ‘our wonderful system’.
Nawaz Sharif and company in connivance with his cronies in every area have made Khan ‘mad’. Poor soul looks up to one pillar of power to another for getting rid of Nawaz and company but every time he is fooled. Hope he will learn some politics in years to come. Pak Destiny

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