Reham Khan uses dirty phrase to taunt Imran Khan for losing NA 120 election


imran khan,reham khan,hun araam aye

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Embittered former wife of Imran Khan used a ‘dirty’ phrase for Imran Khan and PTI after the PMLN victory in NA 120.

Ms Khan who leaves no chance to take on Khan and PTI celebrated Kulsoom Nawaz victory and taunted it’s opponents.

reham khan,tweet,hun araam aye

She used a double meaning dirty phrase and tweeted: “This Punjabi phrase is perfect for all stakeholders concerned “Hun arraam aye?”

It shows Reham has also learned such phrases fast from the Butts of Punjab.
Well done Reham in learning such phrases fast.
She should come to Lahore and spend some time in the company of those who are good at using such phrases. Pak Destiny


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