India’s Dumb-Ass National Security Advisor “Ajit Doval”

This video Hindustani National Security Advisor Ajit Doval can been seen claiming that he spent 7 years in Lahore/Pakistan as an undercover spy.

The single point which made him look pure dumb ass is that he said “Lahore mien ek bari bhari wo hai aulia ki mazar hai jis mien boht log aatey hain, لاھور میں ایک بڑی بھاری وہ ھےاولیا کی مزار ھے جس پر بہت سے لوگ آتے ھیں” and he seems to have found himself in a very difficult situation to even remember what to call/name that shrine. If this dumb ass spy has spent 7 years in Lahore and couldn’t even recall what’s the name of that shrine then he should be awarded “Bharat Ratan”.

| PakDestiny

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