Kakar-Abbasi spat proves that Feb polls results were changed — it’s a big evidence, sees PTI

By Irum Saleem

   Imran Khan’s PTI has sought probe into wheat scandal, polls robbery in the light of Kakar-Abbasi spat.

   The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson demanded formation of judicial commission to thoroughly and transparently investigation into the wheat scandal and mandate theft in the light of spat between the former caretaker prime minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar and Hanif Abbasi.

   The PTI said that Kakar and Abbasi’s revelations were an eye-opener, which raised many important questions that needed to be probed so as to bring the main perpetrators involved in the wheat scandal and stealing public mandate to book.

    It said that Kakar and Hanif Abbasi should admit their crimes because the public was deprived of their mandate through midnight robbery and the farmers bore the brunt of the mismanagement of the government despite bumper crops.

     The PTI stated that a judicial commission should be constituted keeping in view the conversation between Kakar and Hanif Abbasi to hold accountable those responsible for importing surplus wheat under the organized plan and punish the elements behind altering the election results and preparing fake Form 47 in order to return the public mandate to the real public representatives.

     Khan’s party further said that the exchange of harsh words between Kakar and Hanif Abbasi were actually a clear confession of the characters involved in plundering national kitty and stealing the public mandate.

    The PTI said that Kakar’s warning that he “spills the beans about Form 47, the PML-N would have nowhere to hid” was actually exposing the reality of the general elections before the nation.

   It went on to say that the farmers were paying the price of Kakar’s overstepping of the constitutional powers to allow important of surplus wheat despite bumper production in the country.

    The PTI stated that the members of ruling party were indulged mud-slinging and blame game to safeguard the real culprits involved in wheat scandal and polls fraud, adding that they were imposed fraudulently through forged Form 47; hence they did not bother about public issues. PAK DESTINY

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