Is Dawn TV happy to have hardliners like Mehr Bokhari? implies Cyril Almeida

Is Dawn TV houses hardliners like Mehr Bokhari? implies Cyril Almeida

By Sarmad

Dawn Leaks fame Cyril Almeida has taken on Dawn News TV for having an anchor, Mehr Bokhari, who is a follower or controversial and anti-women cleric Maulana Tariq Jamil.

“Embarrassing… (to see such a stuff) seriously, what’s happening over at Dawn News?,” Almeida said in a tweet. He attached the tweet of Mehr Bokhari with his comment expressing his utter surprise what is happening in Dawn TV. Has some hardliners taken over?

Mehr Bokhari threw her weight behind cleric Jamil saying “Spewing so much hate for a man of deen, a man who has always spoken of unity & harmony (especially amongst diff sects) Hes a religious scholar, not a scientist or a doctor. He still apologised, sthing none of us are used to. I’ve immense respect for him, always will #tariqjamil.”

Mr Jamil has yet to apologise from women for demeaning and humiliating them. In the PM telethon Jamil said it is because of nudity of women Covid-19 has appeared in the form of God’s wrath. Only a cleric like him can have this logic. Even Dawn in its editorial presses him to tender apology from women for his unsavoury comments.

It writes: “Known cleric Maulana Tariq Jameel has made a disturbing assertion that Covid-19 has been unleashed on humanity because of the ‘wrongdoing of women’. During a televised prayer, the maulana condemned women for dancing and for how they dress, saying these “immodest actions” have brought the Almighty’s wrath upon the country.

These misogynistic remarks were made during the Ehsaas Telethon fundraising event, in the presence of the prime minister and top broadcast journalists.

In the same prayer, the maulana also cast aspersions on the media for “disseminating lies”, but later apologised for that particular remark on account of having “spoken too much”. No such apology was made for his offensive comments about women.

For the maulana to claim that women should be blamed for a global pandemic is not just ill-informed but also inflammatory. The statements are troubling; not only do they betray a deep-rooted misogyny, they were also aired, unchallenged, from a very high-profile platform.
Dawn further writes
“this mentality is reflective of society’s unfortunate tendency to marginalise women simply because social power structures allow them to be viewed as ‘lesser beings’. The remarks also reinforce a dangerous yet normalised idea that targeting women is permissible.

The reality is that women in Pakistan, and elsewhere, face systemic discrimination and violence. During this pandemic, domestic abuse cases have soared as women are forced to stay home for extended periods with their tormentors. Despite these challenges, women strive to be recognised and shatter glass ceilings — as evidenced by the effective response of global women leaders in this pandemic.

Given that the ruling PTI is lauded for its inclusion of women in political rallies and for celebrating their lively participation, it is a shame that the maulana was not corrected when he made these offensive comments.

Later, however, Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari, without directly naming the maulana, rightly criticised such thinking as ludicrous and ignorant. The maulana must apologise for his unsavoury remarks, and accept that while prayers are always welcome, the nation can do without scorn and misguided views. PAK DESTINY


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