Is Imran Khan beginning to become ‘politically mature’

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, July 29 ( PTI chairman Imran Khan seems to have lost his love for has the present ‘independent’ judiciary after May 11 polls as he is no more praising it on any forum…why?
Perhaps he is beginning to understand the system of Pakistan and its politics.
Switch on to any private TV channel months ago and you would find Imran Khan speaking high of independent judiciary. “Ab Pakistan main kuch galt ho hi nahi sakta, agar koi galt kam karey ga azad adlia us ko pakray gi (Now no one dares to do anything wrong if he does so the independent judiciary would lay hand on him),” Khan used to say.
Perhaps his immaturity took too much time to understand the systems here. “Khan woke up to the reality on the eve of May 11 when he found his party was cheated in the polls… But he had no forum to turn to not even the independent judiciary he cared and loved so much”. It was pity.
Yesterday he called the Election Commission a “shameful institution” for its partisan role in May 11 and presidential polls.
Mr Khan was also a ‘big admirer’ of CJP Iftikhar Chaaudhry. Is he still, will anyone ask him ‘in private’?
Hope Khan would have learnt much about Pakistan’s politics…all kinds of politics…judicial or otherwise as it is not England. – Pak Destiny

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