#IslamophobiaAgainstHumanity becomes top trend on twitter

By Zain Khan

Since France published blasphemous images and President Macron support them by saying freedom of expression.
By this, muslims around the world are very upset and aggressive about it. It hurts the sentiments of Muslims.
However, Muslim world has started a campaign to bycott France products. Pakistan and Turkey came at first to bycott France products, later on Saudi Arabia joins hand to bycott France products.

#IslamophobiaAgainstHumanity is trending around the social media.

Katherine expressed her words in this way,”Sikh, Hindu & Christians stand in solidarity with Muslims to honour the Holy Prophet PBUH.
This is the true picture of interfaith harmony in Pakistan.

#IslamophobiaAgainstHumanity #ProphetMuhammad4All”

Some are sharing videos of famous Islamic Scholar Dr Zakir Naik. Dr. Naik recently responded the french government on their shameless act.
It seems like all communities not just muslims protests against french officials.
Avinash Johar a Hindu Pakistani wrote in his message,”I am Hindu but I respect Prophet Muhammad” and put the hashtag of #IslamophobiaAgainstHumanity.

Many believes that expressing blasphemous things are not actually freedom of expression. — for Pak Destiny

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