PM Khan urged to wake to ground realities of Pakistan

PM Khan urged to wake to ground realities of Pakistan,traders strike

By Khuram Aniq

Traders observed a countrywide strike on Saturday.
Markets, transport, business; everything was wheel jammed in Pakistan.
Reason behind this strike was the drain of taxes and the call of documentation for the local businesses. Traders and general public have been under the load of taxes from the start of PTI government. It appears like that they just couldn’t struggle with this government.

Imran Khan being the Prime Minister is a tragedy towards Pakistan till now. He is not up to his commitments which he made to general public before elections. Then, failure after failure, he is busy in tapping on taxes on the general public which is arousing up in the form of flop business, increase in the price of dollar, no labor and many such aspects which are forcing people to come out against PM Khan.

If we talk about the strike of 13th July, it was a complete shut down call from the traders. But here in this matter, no one is completely right nor wrong. Prime Minister Imran Khan questioned them to do documentation of their businesses so that they can give taxes which are due to them and according to law, these taxes are obligatory to every businessman.

But, with this step, traders will be in loss. After documentation, their incomes will be bulging, they will have to pay taxes, they will have to give record of their wages through their business.

Actually, people who are doing business in the local markets have been doing business without documentation from eons. Because, by this technique they won’t be having any taxes to pay.

Fear of tax can be the reason behind the strike from traders. Traders and PM Khan, both needs to know that they both are two important wheels of a car. They both need to work together for the betterment of this country.

Only thing which PM Khan wants to understand is that he came in government because of the general public. If he will not take care of the public, same public will come out on the roads against him. People who were coming out with him against other people will now come out with others against him. Pak Destiny

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