Jang Group launches scathing propaganda against BOL Media Network

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, July 9 (www.pkdestiny.com) The Jang group has unleashed its media stalwarts on the upcoming news channel – BOL – trying hard to influence the courts in this regard.
Yesterday it was Hamid Mir and today it is Saleh Zaafir . Zaafir even did not mention in his today’s story – Licence to Kill – in The News and Jang – which court has ordered investigation against the company going to bring out BOL. How interesting he does not bother to mention whether it is Supreme Court, High Court or Sessions Court.
It shows how much Mir Shakilur Rehman is upset over the new channel which he thinks will create problems for his Geo News.
The Jang group is manoeuvring things in its publications so that hue and cry is made against the BOL and the PMLN government and court stop it.
Let’s see Jang group succeeds in its propaganda against BOL. – Pak Destiny

Saleh Zaafir’s story in today’s The News



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