Joint opposition’s charge sheet against PM Khan — ready to launch long march on Islamabad ahead of no trust move against the premier


By Irum Saleem

    A charge sheet of joint opposition against Prime Minister Imran Khan ahead of no confidence motion against him is made public.

      PDM and the Joint Opposition have decided to hold joint public meeting at the Constitution Avenue Islamabad on March 23.

A joint meeting of the leaders of the joint opposition was held at the residence of the Leader of the Opposition in Islamabad on Monday in which detailed discussions were held regarding the overall situation in the country and the no-confidence motion and important decisions were finalized.

The meeting clarified that in order to save the people of Pakistan from this oppressive, corrupt, incompetent and incompetent government, which was plagued by historical inflation, poverty, unemployment and economic catastrophe, the United Opposition, following the path of the Constitution, submitted a no-confidence motion. This government has compromised Pakistan’s economic sovereignty, endangered national interests and undermined important and critical national interests through successive failures on the foreign policy front. He angered the close and trusted friendly countries and isolated Pakistan in the world. The issue of Jammu and Kashmir, which was illegally occupied by India, was deeply hurt and failed miserably in defending the aspirations and interests of Kashmiris and Pakistanis.

They leader said that the no-confidence motion tabled by the opposition against the Prime Minister is a manifestation of the aspirations of the 220 million. Instead of confronting this constitutional step in the constitutional, legal, parliamentary and democratic spheres, the incompetent Prime Minister and his government have resorted to unconstitutionality and disorder. Members of the National Assembly are being publicly threatened with being barred from entering the House. The government has announced to hold a rally at D-Chowk as a ploy to intimidate, threaten and coerce. The united opposition made it clear that the government should not take the path of chaos, anarchy and confrontation.

They pointed out that under the constitution, members of the National Assembly have the basic duty and right to perform their constitutional, democratic and parliamentary duties freely. No restrictions can be placed on their movement, nor can they be barred from voting. Depriving them of these responsibilities is tantamount to sabotaging the Constitution of Pakistan, the punishment of which is clearly stated in Article 6 of the Constitution, they said.

PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif invited the PPP and ANP to attend a public meeting on March 23 as per the schedule. The meeting stated that full solidarity with Parliament, Constitution and democracy would be expressed through a historic meeting on the constitution avenue. If any unfortunate situation arises on the occasion of this meeting of the opposition due to Fascist, dictatorial and unconstitutional government measures, then the Prime Minister and his government will be responsible, they warned.

The meeting strongly condemned the government’s statement on the members of the National Assembly passing and coming through the mob they would assemble, calling it a direct threat to the members of the National Assembly. Not only is the incompetent Prime Minister threatening to shoot political opponents and the national leaders of the country’s main political parties at crowded gatherings, but his ministers have become suicide bombers and were announcing attacks on political opponents, they maintained. This attitude is a vicious conspiracy to spread anarchy and civil war in the country, which deserves the strongest condemnation. God willing, if any leader, leader or party member is harmed then the culprit will be incompetent Prime Minister, Federal Ministers and this government, they stressed.

The PDM and PPP leadership said such announcements prove that the government had already accepted defeat and could not present 172 members on voting day. Therefore, it wants to stop the members of the National Assembly through the illegal force of the police and other agencies. We make it clear that the government is becoming a criminal under Article 6.

The meeting warned that the Constitution of Pakistan obliges the Speaker to convene the meeting within a specified and specified period. It is the constitutional duty of the Speaker to convene a meeting of the National Assembly within 14 days after the recusal and to hold a vote of no confidence in the House within 7 days. The meeting warned that the first agenda item in the National Assembly session convened under Rule 37 of the Parliamentary Rules is to introduce the ‘No-confidence motion’. If the Speaker deviates from it, it will be a clear violation of the Constitution and Rules, the meeting stated.

The United Opposition demanded that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should give an immediate verdict in the foreign funding case in which Imran Khan Niazi and his party have been found guilty by a certified SBP record. It’s been seven years already. Therefore, while fulfilling the requirements of law and justice, a decision should be issued on the hearing of this case on March 15, 2022.

The leaders of the united opposition expressed their full confidence in PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif and said that the numbers have been completed, he should go ahead, and that they stand with him. The Leader of the Opposition Shehbaz Sharif said he wass ready to take decisive steps for the success of the no-confidence motion. PAK DESTINY

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